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Ketchikan Salmon Fishing

Ketchikan Salmon Fishing is incredible throughout the cruise ship season and Ketchikan bottom fishing can be enjoyed all year long. Wildlife in Ketchikan are plentiful, you will have a chance to see whales migrating, an acrobatic pod of Orcas also referred to as Killer Whales, or a Bald Eagle harvesting his meal from the water. 1st City Charters is completely independent and family owned & operated. We deliver fishing trips and wildlife viewing tours of the highest quality to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience here in Pristine Southeast Alaska.

Once you are finished fighting to reel those tasty salmon, we can help you to arrange custom salmon processing that can be shipped to your door for an affordable price.

If you are taking a Carnival Cruise, Princess Cruise, Holland Cruise or any other Cruise Line, we have Ketchikan salmon fishing charters that will fit your schedule and party size.

Locating Salmon in the Ocean can prove to be difficult but our charter fishing company has Four Generations of Ketchikan fishing in our blood and we have learned the correct tackle and the best tactics to Catch Salmon. Our Ketchikan Fishing Trips Target the following species: King Salmon, Silvers, Chum, Sockeye and Pink Salmon. Ketchikan is known to be the Salmon Capitol of the World because our Town has some of the most incredible runs on record in recent years.

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